Brown(ie)-nosing at the WEF

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Feb 3 14:51:08 MST 2002

>From 'Sunday Tribune' (courtesy Liam):

>The Sinn FÈin leader and West Belfast MP, Gerry Adams pulled out of this
>weekendís Bloody Sunday commemorations in Derry so that he could attend the
>World Economic Forum in New York, an occasion which allows some of the
>richest and most powerful people in the world to rub shoulders for five days
>at private seminars and exclusive cocktail parties.

And this says it all really about what kind of party SF is now.  Brownie
Adams, and the rest of the SF leadership, have well and truly joined the
ranks of ex-national liberation fighters turned yuppie politicians.  Not
only will Adams fit right in, I would expect that the assorted
billionaires, CEOs and 'stars of stage and screen' at the WEF will enjoy
the frisson of meeting a former guerrilla leader.

I hope at least one demonstrator manages to hit him with a rotten egg though.

Philip Ferguson

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