Big step forward for the radical movement

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Sun Feb 3 15:38:39 MST 2002

There is considerably more open discontent even on some conservative campuses.  I
don't recall ever discussing these ideas this much at student request in the last 25
years.  As to tendencies, I think Epstein's giving us her version of the old SWP's
hallucination about "the broadest and deepest and yummiest radicalization which
can't be reversed without posing the question of power."

If Marxism had been center stage in the Sixties, our present politics would look
very different. Notwithstanding the experience of participants in this list,
libertarian, individualist and, ultimately, anarchist assumptions were much closer
to the heart of the radicalization at that time.

There are many reasons for this, especially in the US.  And I'm not entirely sure
it's a bad thing.

Mark Lause

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