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DIANE CLEMENS - "For Whom the Bell Tolls:  American
JENNIFER TERRY - Media, the State, & Academia

Tuesday February 19, 2002
6:00-8:00 p.m.
Wheeler Auditorium, UC Berkeley
Free Admission

Brought to you by SPAN (Student Peace Action Network)
& PSSA (Peace Studies Student Association) Sponsored
by the Departments of Women's Studies, Peace and
Conflict Studies, & Ethnic Studies

Contact Person:  Xochitl M. Perales,
xperales at uclink.berkeley.edu

A number of students from UC Berkeley feel that in the
aftermath of September 11, there is a growing fear
that our civil liberties are in jeopardy.  Many
activists, students, professors, entertainers and
others who have expressed views dissenting from
current policies are being labeled unpatriotic, and
even "terrorist sympathizers."  Directly after
September 11, the television show Politically
Incorrect lost sponsors and several national
newspapers pulled the comic strip The Boondocks.  ACTA
(American Council of Trustees and Alumni) - an
organization co-founded by Dr. Lynne Cheney and
Senator Joseph Lieberman - released a list of names of
academics along with statements they made in
classrooms or public forums questioning aspects of the
Administration's war on terrorism.  Does this labeling
portend the kind of ubiquitous witch hunting that
characterized the era of the late Senator Joseph

The citizens of the United States are not the only
ones being affected by September 11.  There is a
backlash against immigrants within our borders, and
because of our global interconnectedness, citizens and
immigrants worldwide are feeling the impact of
heightened fear, security measures, and war itself.
Many countries are using current events to justify
human rights abuses:  China claims that past human
rights abuses were committed against "suspected
terrorists," and Russia excuses atrocities in Chechnya
for the same reason.  How many states falsely hiding
behind the rubric of this war on terrorism will it
take before we say, "Enough is enough!"?  What kind of
world are we creating?  And is this the world we want
future generations to inherit?

Please join us on February 19 as the following
speakers present their interpretations of September 11
and its aftermath:

Angela Y. Davis is an internationally known political
activist, lecturer, writer, and scholar whose
contributions to the ongoing quest for economic and
social justice have spanned across four decades.  In
1998, she co-founded Critical Resistance - a national
network bringing together prisoners, activists,
scholars, artists and professionals to hold
corporations accountable for the expanding prison
population.  A tenured professor in the History of
Consciousness Department at UC Santa Cruz, she is the
author of five books, including Women, Race & Class.
Her forthcoming book is entitled Punishment and
Democracy:  Essays on the Prison Industrial Complex.

Diane Shaver Clemens is a professor of American
Diplomatic and International History in the History
Department at UC Berkeley.  She teaches survey courses
and advanced courses in American Foreign Relations and
American Multi-Cultural History, and seminars on WWII,
the Cold War and the Vietnam War.  Author of Yalta
(Oxford University Press, 1970) - regarding the World
War II negotiations for post-war peace -- she is
currently researching the transition from World War II
to Early Cold War, the growth of Presidential power in
foreign policy through executive agreements, and
Heroism and War.

Jennifer Terry is an associate professor in the
Comparative Studies Department at Ohio State
University, and is currently a visiting professor in
the Women's Studies Department at UC Berkeley.  Her
work is in Cultural Studies of Science and Technology,
where her particular focus is on gender, race, and
sexuality.  She is a co-founder of Professors for
Peace -- an international network of educators
"committed to promoting non-violent solutions to
global conflicts and to countering racism and
anti-immigrant aggression" in the aftermath of
September 11.

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