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On Sun, 3 Feb 2002 18:53:07 -0500, Mike Friedman wrote:
>hey lou, i don't have time for a lengthy
>response, but add me to the ranks of those who
>see milosevic as indefensible. from everything
>i've read, he was merely heading up a process of
>capital accumulation a la his russian

What does "capital accumulation" mean in the USSR? Maybe we should
all read "The Revolution Betrayed" together. Or re-read it.

> but for me, what's even more
>important, is that i lived until recently in
>ridgewood, where there is a rather large
>population of croatians, serbs and albanians
>from the former yugoslavia. these are not
>yuppies, but working class people, and virtually
>everyone i spoke to condemned milosevic, many on
>the basis of personal loss of family members.
>were they all tools of u.s. foreign policy?

I suspect that anybody who had the wherewithal to get to the USA
might be prejudiced.

> a
>comparison with nicaragua is not in order, since
>nicaragua is an oppressed nation and was in
>revolution at the time, while the former
>yugoslavia (and russia, as well) is an
>industrialized european nation, if an
>impoverished one, headed by a
>counterrevolutionary government.

Actually, Serbia was a largely agrarian society. Milosevic's
electoral base was among the rural population that retained a hatred
of capitalism rooted in experiences going back for generations.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 02/03/2002

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