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We don't disagree.

However, I think the broader right turn of the US was made as socially and
politically acceptable as it was partly due to an authoritarian kind of
antianalyitical Stalinism/Maoism .  There really were an inordinate number of
these folks that went into things like government service and teaching where
their ethos of uncritical service to "the people" translated into a ready embrace
of the power structure when it pursued goals that were "progressive".

The "Reagan Revolution" for example started by trying to disentangle government
from its responsibilities to provide therapy, special ed, etc. to children and
young adults who needed it.  They introduced a "reform" to "deinstitutionalize"
them.  The old line Leftovers loved this reform and cheered it even as the
Republicans threw kids out of half way houses to end up living on the streets.

I've been closer to their impact in education, which has been astonishing.  Once
the Reaganauts caught onto the idea of hiring a black guy in a suit, they could
sell these folks on "service education"...that is, unpaid voluntary labor so
students could learn how to do jobs that didn't exist anymore because students
were doing them for free...oh, I mean, paying universities to have them do it for
free.  Indeed, the Ladies' Republican Schoolmarm Afternoon Tea Club is only a
label away from become sort of quasifeminist collective.  I mean, we have
exPanther Republicans!!

If a self described Marxism, marginalized in the Sixties, could still find ways
of feeding the interests of the system, we'd probably be wise not to worry about
the labels.

Mark Lause

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