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Louis wrote:

> In another sign of the growing awareness of this
> movement, many marchers made connections between
> the US and Argentina. A large contingent carried
> signs in the shape of pots and pans, bearing the
> words "WEF: They are all Enron. We are all Argentina".

Here is a recent release related with those signs:


 Kate Cooper
 (917) 374-7087


 Participatory street theater, nonviolent direct action tomorrow
 at Arthur Andersen and the Argentine Consulate General
 (Mon., Feb. 4, 12 noon, 6th Ave. betw. 55th and 56th Streets)

 Another World Is Possible, the coalition that organized the
successful mass
 rally and march against the World Economic Forum in New York on
Sat., Feb. 2,
 will be continuing its campaign against corporate globalization
tomorrow with
 two actions: at the New York offices of accountant Arthur
Andersen and the
 Argentine Consulate General.

 The Andersen action will highlight one of activists' main
objections to the
 World Economic Forum, say organizers. Enron Corporation, the
Andersen client
 that collapsed recently after evidence surfaced of massive
 in its financial reporting, was a strong supporter of the WEF
for years; its
 chairman and mastermind, Kenneth Lay, was slated to attend the
New York WEF
 meeting until just a few weeks before the meeting began. And
 personifies the incestuous connections between business leaders
and elected
 officials that lead to the making of public policies that
destroy communities
 while enriching multinational corporations.

 Another World Is Possible demands that Enron open all books to
 scrutiny and return all money stolen from employees, US
taxpayers, and all
 pension accounts.

 The action will move one short block away, at 2:30pm, to the
 Consulate General, organizers say, where activists will offer
their support
 to the Argentine people - the latest victims of the neoliberal
 policies that the WEF has promoted for many years. Some
activists will bring
 pots, pans and other kitchen utensils to bang on, as Argentines
did a few
 weeks ago when they successfully demanded the resignation of the
 International Monetary Fund-backed President de la Rua.

 Activists will sing Argentine songs and take up a collection to
help the
 people of Argentina, demonstrating that while the US government,
the IMF,
 banks and corporations have turned their backs on Argentina, the
people have

 Another World Is Possible is a broad-based coalition that
includes organized
 labor, students, environmentalists, human rights campaigners,
and other
 anti-corporate-globalization activists. Our aim is to educate
Americans about
 the destructive effects of corporate globalization and how to
 against it. For more information, visit or Web site at

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