Milosevic's trial is coming up

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Sun Feb 3 21:25:40 MST 2002

Perhaps a polemical debate on the class nature of Yugoslavia and
Milosevic's role in its dismemberment is appropriate at the current time.
(I don't think so but it appears others do  -- tho they seem to be more
than a bit off base as to what happened and the role of German and U.S.
imperialism in the whole business.)

But what is pressing is his trial in The Hague.  If this Reichstag-fire-style
court manages to convict the president of Yugoslavia of war crimes, the
imperialists will have a legal & public-relations basis for forcing Serbia to
pay the immense costs the imperialists underwent in destroying its
infrastructure in 78-days of intense bombing.

The victims will have to pay for the costs of being victimized.  I would like
to see Cmrde. Alam explain how to defend someone like Milosevic, who
has been so viciously demonized by the big-business western press, in a
popular yet careful manner than does not distort his record but at the
same time is a real defense, not a mealy-mouthed rehash of bourgeois

/greg dunkel

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