Milosevic's trial is coming up

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> Most of my opposition to wearing a Slobo stamp on my forehead stems from
> the fact that this "president" has already been ousted from power from
> below and his brand of "socialism" is dead.

Below? Normally, in a case like this, one has to prove the CIA (or one of such
arms) has acted to overthrow the government. In the case of the coup against
Milosevic, the American Congress passed a resolution giving somewhere in the
neighbourhood of 150 million dollars to the opposition. That money translates
into many billions in terms of the Yugoslav economy.

What on earth was "below" I don't know, but yes, parts of the Yugoslav society
turned towards the American-paid-for candidate. Many Sudeten Germans supported
annexation to the Reich. It's not amazing that America found willing extras for
their farce of a "revolution". We should notice how quickly the Western
privatisation prime minister- Djindic-- became the real voicew of the
government. Yugoslavia has been reduced to penury and nearly
two years later some still don't know what happened. It is sad for us all,
really. But at least you remain pure, with undisturbed dreams of a beautiful
future. Too bad you have no impact on or understanding of the present.


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