Question to Anthony (Columbia)

Donal donaloc at
Mon Feb 4 06:21:28 MST 2002


Much of the British and Brit-controlled press has carried stories about the
FARC having developed implosion bombs - specifically these allegations are
made in connection with the three Irish Republicans arrested whilst studying
your peace-process (and the up to thirty others alleged to have spent time
in the FARC-controlled zone). Has you heard anything of this rumour? If
true, this sort of weaponry would open up a new scale of warfare there and
anywhere else the technology/know-how is available.

Someone said that the FARC moving its attack to towns was a sign of military
strength as opposed to weakness. Surely, the hardening of anti-FARC
attitudes in the Bourgeoisie is a consequence of the increasing threat to
their position of priviledge. Clearly, you are correct that the FARC are
clearly pushing for a deal and that must be achieved from the basis of a
strong hand. You seem to think that the FARC have lost support in urban
areas, what about their rural hinterlands?

Is mise,


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