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Mon Feb 4 07:16:19 MST 2002

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Derrick O'Keefe wrote:
> And surely comrades Stainsby and Proyect are not arguing that Milosevic did
> nothing wrong.  And I couldn't disagree more with the statement "It's no
> good in the real world to point out that Milosevic wasn't a true communist".

The main thing Milosevic did wrong was to fail to make Yugoslavia's case
to the international left effectively. It was left to websites like Jared
Israel's, independent radicals like Michael Parenti and the WWP to counter
the lies against Yugoslavia. A more internationalist-minded government
would have helped to organize rallies and teach-ins on its behalf.
Unfortunately, the Milosevic leadership was trained in the kind of
back-room, class-collaborationist methods of the entire East European
apparatchak. They probably made many sub rosa contacts with, for example,
Kissinger's consulting company which did at one time favor the Serbs.
This, of course, is not the way that proletarian revolutionaries conduct
themselves. Even the defense of Milosevic now being conducted has all the
earmarks of past bad habits. This kangaroo court should be receiving as
much condemnation in liberal circles as prisoner treatment in Guantanamo,
but the forces still aligned with Milosevic seem utterly incapable of
making an effective defense strictly on civil libertarian grounds.

> Are we to mindlessly cheer on anyone whose interests conflict with
> imperialism?  Must I cease and desist mentioning the faults of the regimes
> of the "evil axis" of Iraq, Iran, North Korea?  This seems to me very basic
> stuff.

When any third world country is in a struggle for sovereignty, it does
*not matter* who is leading the struggle. Whether Galtieri in Argentina
fighting for the Malvinas, or Haile Selassie against the Italian fascists,
revolutionaries have a duty to provide support for the oppressed nation.
And that's what Iraq, Iran and North Korea are.

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