Yugoslavia and the 'Empire' Fallacy

Donal donaloc at peterquinn.com
Mon Feb 4 08:35:42 MST 2002

I have viewed the explosion over Yugoslavia with some interest - it's not
something I know much about - we tend to be a little myopic in my movement -
the best internationalism is to build the revolution at home.

I do, however, have some serious opinions when it comes to Negri-Hardt's
rubbish about the core and the multitude. As per usual, I am also finding
myself more aligned with Lou Proyect on this one. The quotation:

>At least today, we can call imperialism a system without direct military,
>economic and political occupation of some countries over others

Seems like absolute hogwash to someone living in the occupied six (Ireland),
Palestine, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines, Uzbekistan, (do you
want me to continue?), Somalia, Sierra Leone, Puerto Rica, Columbia, etc.
Does anyone really believe that capitalism is that nice model which the
neo-liberals try to sell us.

>"Can we point to IMF-World Bank as signs that capitalism is bursting out of
its nation-state >role?"

What planet do these guys live on? Not only does this analysis [sentence]
seem to put the cart before the horse but it seems to be generated by non-US
imperialist interests as a means to justify domestic bourgeois capitalism.
Like, I don't think that it's any coincidence that this form of thinking
seems to be most popular in Europe. In the US, trade unions appear to have
adopted a more 'fair trade not free trade' protectionist line. For me, the
IMF is associated with US/UK imperialism - that's why the French, German and
Italian capitalists hate it. They seem to favour NGOs as an attempt to
counter the influence of these instruments - in the favour of their own

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that Capitalism is still tied
inextricably to the state - it formed it, it utilised it and it will suck it
dry of meaning until we can, collectively, rise up above it.

Is mise,


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