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From: "Louis Proyect"
> When any third world country is in a struggle for sovereignty, it does
> *not matter* who is leading the struggle.

Louis will chew me up the next time we meet (a talk I'm giving on Zim at
lunchtime on 28/2, before going on his best friend's radio show that
afternoon), but here goes: calls for sanctions against Mugabe, to the extent
they are driven from the democratic, mass-based working-class organisations,
should be heeded, just as they should be by internationalist comrades who
want to see the end to the junta in Burma; or who wanted the Haitian coup
against Aristide to end; or who wanted the end of apartheid; or who wanted
the end of Rhodesian colonialism. To hell with sovereignty under those
circumstances, cde Louis, if the oppressed people are appealing for help.

> Whether Galtieri in Argentina
> fighting for the Malvinas, or Haile Selassie against the Italian fascists,
> revolutionaries have a duty to provide support for the oppressed nation.
> And that's what Iraq, Iran and North Korea are.

Mugabe is a caricature oppressor of the poor/working masses, in an oppressed
nation, you'd agree? That helps explain the bizarre alignment of forces
against him.


(MSWord blurb about our new book, *Zimbabwe's Plunge*, coauthored by
Mugabe's former chief economist, is attached--let's see if Louis/Les let it

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