Out of the mouths of bosses...

Martin Schreader mschreader at npns.org
Mon Feb 4 08:47:18 MST 2002

OK, I just had to share this one. Last Friday, one of my friends was laid
off. He worked at the same place I did (in fact, I get him the job). He had
only been there a couple of weeks, after spending several months (both in
Detroit and DC) trying to find a job.

Apparently, he felt the need to rationalize it to me. He made the usual
sputter about how he "felt bad" about laying him off, but "the money just
wasn't there to keep him on". (Of course, then why did he hire him in the
first place?!)

He then went on to feign sympathy for my plight. "I know this is going to
put you in a financial bind." (Did I mention that this friend is also my
roommate?) I nodded in complete agreement. He continued: "I wish I could
have kept him on, for your sake." Oh, how touching! "But I can't just keep
someone employed for the sake of making your bills."


Sometimes, you have to push the issue. Sometimes, it pushes itself.


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