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Mon Feb 4 12:06:49 MST 2002

>Maybe my thoughts and stances on these issues reflect my generation's
>involvement in politics post-USSR,  but I am sure of this much: no one in
>America, working-class or not, is ever going to give a damn what happened
>to Stalinist leaders when and where.

I am quite sure that you are right. Around 2 years ago a number of young
people on Marxmail grew impatient with what they perceived as a
Milosevic/Stalin/Hoxha/Gonzalo/Mugabe/Vishinsky tilt here. Plus they felt a
kind of Oedipal rage against all the elderly posters here, including myself
who turned 57 last Jan. 26th. They were led by John Lacny into the promised
land at:

He states that his email list will "reject the idea that "the enemy of our
enemy is our friend" and that a "major hope is for this list to draw in
younger people who are attracted to Marxism but who have not yet been
gobbled up by either a sect or world-weary apathy." Now while not giving an
inch to the notion that Marxmail is characterized by any kind of
world-weariness (I do confess a certain ennui when it comes to purple hair,
nose-rings and tattoos on anti-globalization demonstrators), I can
understand how a vibrant lad like yourself might feel that you've wandered
into a Marxist version of Count Dracula's crypt.

So perhaps to avoid needless conflicts, you might want to look into John
Lacny's list where you will feel right at home.

Louis Proyect
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