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Derrick, there is no problem at all with us challenging the record of Milosevic.
We could talk about what appears to have been graft, a naive faith in the
"democratic process"; opening up to elections and the organisational opportunity
to bourgeois parties was a move that was the biggest gaff.

We could go over many of these things- and it would be fair to say that the
nationalist card, never a chauvanist one, was played too havily in Yugoslavia.
However, I have yet to see someone in the SPS use any ethnic or religious
bigotry to propel their party. That was done by the Radicals and many in the
other splinter parties- such as what became the DOS.

In the current situation, to counter lies about the SPS (genocidal, etc.) is so
very far from where American-Orwellian stories want us to start that they sound
like praise. But really, it is only praiseworthy that they defended much of the
public economy and resisted uni-ethnic bigotry (et al) because of how their
neighbours behaved (Operation Storm, for but one...) and how the SPS was
slandered. Milosevic at trial has decided to use the sphere to speak basically
how NATO operated and what the goals of the operation were. He also discusses
bin Laden in Kosovo and Bosnia and the continuing aggressions against other
states- Libya dn Iraq for but two.

These things should be known. They draw a map that shows just how far the global
butchers will go. It is paramount that people not worry about whether Slobo
looks like a really cool revolutionary and see what his government and his
state's economic policies represented that imperialism hates enough to go
through this farce, which has a predetermined outcome.

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> And surely comrades Stainsby and Proyect are not arguing that Milosevic did
> nothing wrong.

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