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Please visit: and register your support to these Israeli
combat officers and soldiers who are refusing to serve to maintain the

To leave a msg of support on the site in English visit:  

The following is there statement:   

* We, reserve combat officers and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, who
were raised  upon the principles of Zionism, sacrifice and giving to the people
of Israel and to the State of Israel, who have always served in the front lines,
and who were the first to carry out any mission, light or heavy, in order to
protect the State of Israel and strengthen it.   

* We, combat officers and soldiers who have served the State of Israel for long
weeks every year, in spite of the dear cost to our personal lives, have been on
reserve duty all over the Occupied Territories, and were issued commands and
directives that had nothing to do with the security of our country, and that had
the sole purpose of perpetuating our control over the Palestinian people. We,
whose eyes have seen the bloody toll this Occupation exacts from both sides.   

* We, who sensed how the commands issued to us in the Territories, destroy all
the values we had absorbed while growing up in this country.   

* We, who understand now that the price of Occupation is the loss of IDF's human
character and the corruption of the entire Israeli society.   

* We, who know that the Territories are not Israel, and that all settlements are
bound to be evacuated in the end.   

* We hereby declare that we shall not continue to fight this War of the
Settlements. We shall not continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to
dominate, expel, starve  and humiliate an entire people.   

* We hereby declare that we shall continue serving in the Israel Defense Forces
in any mission that serves Israel's defense. The missions of occupation and
oppression do not serve this purpose, and we shall take no part in them.  

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