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Mohammad J Alam alam.m at
Mon Feb 4 14:39:23 MST 2002

"Sure. Only that this was not Proyect's idea, it was Trotsky's."

Not surprisingly, no comment on the half-dozen of Trotsky's quotes, no
acceptance of the failure of a couple of his key assumptions about WWII,
and no recognition of the failure of Stalinism to survive or regenerate
itself in the last 50 years.

In other words, if Trotsky said it at one point and time, it is Eternal
Law. So everything in Lenin's "What is to be Done?" should also be
codified. And so should Trotsky's own suppositions on the USSR after his
exile be codified and sacrosanct--even though they are at times clearly
self-contradictory. And there is no need of course, to re-examine his
analysis in light of any *modern* political and economic changes and
developments. There is no need to see that outright colonialism has fallen
way to extended imperialism.

In fact there is no need to do anything here but agree with Trotsky's every
letter, and if one letter contradicts another, to the  hell with that, too.

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