Capital Crimes (re.: ENRON, etc.)

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Mon Feb 4 14:45:32 MST 2002

"Other data confirm the conclusion that corporate crime is a widespread,
serial phenomenon, not an isolated problem created by a few delinquent
rich white men."
writes George Winslow in Capital Crimes (236).
Winslow goes on to list and analyze:
Price-fixing and monopolistic practices
Environmental crime
Occupational injuries
Discrimination against women and minorities
Tax fraud
Financial crime
Medical and health care fraud
Consumer fraud and dangerous products
And Government contracts

In his examination of the total costs, Winslow determines:
"Adding up all these costs isn't easy. Many major examples of corporate
violence can't be quantified, and some very large costs that
corporations impose on communities can't be called crime; it is quite
legal for corporations to profit from lands and public assets obtained a
century ago by bribery and corruption."

Overall white-collar corporate crimes and misdemeanors cost society many
times more than street crime, says Winslow.  I might suggest that
because what we call street crime is really often impoverished working
class desperation caused by the heedless callousness of capitalist greed
based as it is on inequality and want, street crime should not be so
much differentiated as combined with corporate crime in yet another
indictment of an illegitimate system.

"Capital Crimes : A globe-spanning account of the violence of power and
money-from street crime to corporate crime."  By George Winslow (Monthly
Review Press, 1999).

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