Waiting, uh, preparing, to ride the second wave...

Derrick O'Keefe sankara83 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 4 16:11:56 MST 2002

>What I "expect people to do" is not smother themselves with pats on the
>back for the unfinished, incomplete, and degenerative tendencies of the
>first wave of socialism.

Perhaps one of the factors for the failure of this "first wave" was the
tendency of armchair revolutionaries to abstain from actually fighting
imperialism, waiting instead for that distant day when the objective
conditions would arrive for the painless, complete, and finsihed transition
to socialism.

Cuba is actually a sort of exception because it is still
>Stalinist (for now), but this does not exempt it from the situation I laid
>out: the failure to develop independent mass industrial and scientific
>development base, the outsourcing of surplus argriculutral goods to USSR
>that is even similar to colonial-core relations, and above all the failure
>to achieve a *sustained viable economy*. Of course this will always happen
>with revolutions in isolated backward countries--but that is precisely the
>point. I think we must move beyond this phase and prepare for a second wave
>of socialism.

Those Cubans and Nicaraguans sure were silly to have those revolutions, they
should have realized they were in isolated backward countries.
The thing to do would have been to starve to death passively, awaiting the
great "second wave".

(Che and Fidel in the Sierra Maestra, a rainy day sometime in 1957)

Che: "Geez, big guy, these peasants sure are miserable.  I'm starting to
think this country's a bit backward for all this revolution business."

Fidel: "I know, I know.  Damn, it's just that I never got out of the city
much before.  I figured Cuba was one of those advanced Western countries
Lenin was always going on about needing a revolution"

Che: "This is so embarassing.  What are my med school buddies gonna think of
me know?  I knew I should have gone to Paris on that scholarship!"

Fidel: "Yeah, I can't face my dad telling me I told you so.  Let's just keep
at it, maybe we'll get lucky and die martyrs before the people figure out
we're fighting this war 100 years to soon"

And what a bunch of intellectual drivel the phrase "outsourcing of surplus
agricultural goods to USSR that is even similar to colonial-core relations".
  Yes, the Cuban economy did not industrialize or diversify as much as it
should have, but should they not have exported, or "outsourced", sugar?  The
USSR paid 5 times the world market price and there was also bartering for
oil that helped make possible much of Cuba's social advances.  This kind of
relationship was profoundly dissimilar to that backward economies' at the
mercy of the imperialists and the world market.

The problem with your desire to leave the history of the 20th century behind
and wait, oh sorry you said prepare, for the second wave of socialism is the
small, somewhat relevant matter of the humans that still live in the lands
of "first wave" socialism.

Derrick O'Keefe

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