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> 	Actions speak louder than words. I say ban him, and show us
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> just becuase he chooses to present it in a sea of diction is no
> grounds for removal. But you are the boss.
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The reason for these intense ideological debates (Stalin vs Trotsky, etc)
is the inability to understand what actually caused the reversals and
defeats of the two great revolutions of the 20th century (Russia and
China). Note this interesting feature of these two revolutions: Both of
them were two-stage revolutions: a proletarian revolution following almost
immediately on the heels of a bourgeois revolution, which is in
contradiction to the materialist conception of history as outlined by Marx
in the famous Preface.

Lenin, following the recommendations of Marx and Engels, embarked on this
new path or road to socialism (the two-stage road) so that the Russian
proletariat and peasantry would achieve their emancipation in the shortest
possible time (i.e., leapfrog to socialism). The revolutions occurred in
an underdeveloped country with poorly developed productive forces (but
with advanced relations of production after 1917 or 1949) which had to be
rapidly mechanized (i.e., transformed) if they had to survive and advance
towards socialism. This mechanization, which was similar to the
mechanization of the productive forces in the capitalist countries where
it took centuries, was achieved in 2-3 decades but this very mechanization
required a tremendous division of labor which formed the *material* base
for the regeneration of capitalist ideology and capitalism.

Thus, the two-stage road to socialism in any developing country may be
prone to reversals or setbacks - this is the historical lesson to be
learnt from the capitalist restorations. Blaming the "Stalinist
bureaucracy", or "revisionism" as is the propensity of Trotskyists and
Maoists does not really explain much - it attributes the march/reversals
of history to the actions or lack thereof of great historical figures
(i.e., the will of man) instead of the other way around.

The interesting corollary to the two-stage road is the classical road to
socialism where socialism dialectically evolves out of capitalism, i.e.,
out of the womb of the old society, when the forces of production reach a
*definite* stage  as outlined in the materialist conception of history.
Such a possibility can be seen on the horizon in the industrialized
countries where the forces of production are reaching a *new* stage - that
of automation. This automation of the forces of production, which will
result in a reduction in the division of labour (in contrast to the
mechanization phase), will also cause a decrease in the amount of living
labor in commodities, and thus of value and surplus value, and the
inherent TPRF will throw capitalism into a permanent, and possibly final,
crisis. This has portentous implications for world capitalism (see the
article on Japan in the latest issue of Monthly Review). It is not
possible for socialism constructed on this highly advanced economic
foundation (automated means of production) to revert back to capitalism
which would then be an earlier, outdated, decadent economic form of
organization of society. Similar to capitalism not reverting back to the
lower stage of feudalism. Otherwise it would be a violation of the law of
the higher form developing from the lower form.

For an analogy, consider this example. A two-year-old child (force of
production) has just received new clothes (relations of production) from
his mother. The child grows and when he beomes three, he discards his old
clothes and acquires a new and larger set or clothes. It is impossible for
the child to fit into his old clothes again.

For more on the above novel explanation for the cause of the collapse of
the socialist states (which unfortunately, contemporary Marxist theory is
not paying sufficient attention to), see

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