Warning to Mohammad

red theory red_praxis at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 18:26:16 MST 2002


At age 18, you would do well to calm down a bit, sit
back, and take some advice from the older comrades on
this list, many of whom, including Louis Proyect, have
been militant Marxists in theory and practice for
upwards of three decades. If I were you, I wouldn't
have so much confidence in the failings of comrades
engaged in the struggle for *twice* as long as you've
been alive at all. Those of us who are students need
lists like this to stay in touch with Marxist
militants struggling day-in and day-out. It would be
more respectful and enlivening if you'd listen a bit
more than you speak.

Off-topic: any chance of Joe Freemen coming back to
the list? I miss his writing and experience.

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