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>>It is not a judgement on who should have launched a revolution
when. It is an observation about the failure of satellite socialism to build
industry in poorer countries. Again, you can get all defensive about it and
defend all its achievements, but the point is we obviously need to work
towards a world revolution and not just praise a guerrilla movement on an
island with a dictator, to accomplish justice and equality on a global
scale. Which is of course, what this is all about.<<

You say you are a young comrade and in deference to that, I will leave the
flamethrower in the closet.

But before you write more posts about "an island with a dictator," may I
suggest that you reflect upon the following:

If Cuba is really as horrible as the American Imperialists say it is, why do
they make such efforts to keep Americans from experiencing it first-hand?
Especially since one can anticipate that the big majority of those who would
go to Cuba from a relaxation of the travel ban would be people interested
in, curious about, or even perhaps sympathetic to the regime.

Why doesn't the bourgeoisie believe that relaxing the travel ban would lead
to many Americans who are soft on Fidel experiencing for themselves what the
pig press claims is a totalitarian nigtmare only 90 miles from Florida's,
and freedom's, shores?

I think behooves someone in your position to GO DOWN THERE and have a look
for yourself. After all, to hear Fidel denounced as a dictator we don't need
to read your posts, picking up just about any issue of the Miami Herald will

When you go to Cuba, go ahead and ask around, ask for the names of the
disappeared, for the places where people were gunned down in the middle of
the night for no other crime than disliking the current government. Get the
names, the dates, the number of dead. Then try to check it out. See if you
can verify a single one.

*  *  *

For more than four decades, a small, "backward" island dwarfed 25 times in
population and a million times in firepower has stood defiant against the
mightiest empire the world has ever known. It has been blacklisted,
isolated, blockaded, invaded, terrorized and sabotaged. There were no fewer
than 95 separate plots to assassinate Cuban leaders (mostly Fidel, although
Che and Raul got a few thrown their way) that the CIA confessed to in
the mid-70s before the U.S. Congress.

Yet Cuba survives, and you may say, yes, but Fidel is wily and skilled. But
no one, even a Fidel, is THAT good. And even if he were "that good," it
would all be for nought without a substantial base of social support. No
matter how good a pilot you are, you aren't going to win the Indy 500
without a lot of power under the hood. That's a fact.

In considering where "Fidel's" power comes from, you may want to think about
this: A  central preocupation of the security detail that surrounds the now
elderly, and increasingly frail "dictator" is not just the CIA plots against
him, but making sure the crowd that invariably gathers whenever he shows up
doesn't do him damage in their eagerness to see him up close, to have a word
with him, to shake his hand. There haven't been a lot of dictators whose
security details have had that problem in Latin America, nor anywhere else.
That's a result of being a dictator: unpopularity comes with the territory.
And with it, repression, death squads, disappearances, torture.

Yet for more than four decades, there hasn't been a single person
disappeared, there hasn't been a single dissident who has shown up dead on
the side of some road, there hasn't been a single government opponent whose
lifeless body has been recovered from a freshly dug shallow grave, there
hasn't been a single protester killed by police at a demonstration.

There is not a single other country in this hemisphere about wihch you can
say the same thing -- including such famous democracies as Mexico and
Canada, not to mention yanquilandia itself.

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The previous reply to this post was nothing but an angry puff of air.
Short, terse, quasi-polemical quips that address neither the arguments as a
whole, any of its premises or any of its points.

PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.

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