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Mon Feb 4 20:34:37 MST 2002

On 4 Feb 2002, at 22:05, Jose G. Perez wrote:

> >>I have no illusions about impartiality at any of these trials. But I
> >>also
> have no illusions about the need to defend Milosevic or any other
> Stalinist dictators. What must be defended is the international
> working class and peasantry, not caricatures of "socialist" leaders
> from a dead era.<<
> "Neutral" on the side of imperialism.
> What a jacksass.

	Men are not gods. Not defending a leader does mean you are
neutral when it coems to imperialism. Take for instance, I
supported the millitary defeat of American troops in afghanistan,
however I did not support the Taliban, or Mullah Omar.

Cort Travis

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