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     He then went on to feign sympathy for my plight. "I know this is
     going to put you in a financial bind." (Did I mention that this
     friend is also my roommate?) I nodded in complete agreement. He
     continued: "I wish I could have kept him on, for your sake." Oh,
     how touching! "But I can't just keep someone employed for the
     sake of making your bills."

The sad thing is that many workers in the US side with the boss when they are
laid off. There was an article about the 35,000 workers Ford is laying off and
one worker was quoted as saying that while he hates to be laid off and see
anyone lose their job he understands why the company must do it. Unions have
been woeful and extremely negligent in educating members about the reason they
came into being. Too many workers in the US do not see themselves as
WORKERS. They believe the lie sold to them by the capitalist media that if only
they work hard enough perhaps they, too, can be a CEO.
Oy vey!
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