Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Feb 4 23:15:12 MST 2002

Mohammad wrote:
>Instead of admitting the failure of Stalinism and the emergence of new
>conditions, some comrades prefer to pretend that Serbia is a real model for
>world socialism, and shady dictators surrounded by gangster cliques like
>Milosevic must be defended at all costs.  The key here is that one either
>defends Milosevic, or NATO. There is no other force. Like, say, the working

Perhaps you will like to tell us who on this list ever said that Serbia "is
a real model for world socialism".

The most we have said is that when Milosevic was president he, for whatever
reasons, laid off the privatisations and became an obstacle to the IMF etc.
That was why they got rid of him.  Workers are now worse off in Serbia,
although sections of the left - like the ISO in the USA - declared that his
departure was some great progressive revolution from below.  Yeh, sure,
that's why Washington bankrolled the anti-Milosevic side to the tune of
tens of millions of bucks.


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