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Mon Feb 4 20:47:15 MST 2002

On 4 Feb 2002, at 21:11, Mohammad J Alam wrote:

	I am in solidarity with Alam on all of his positions. Perhaps he
is over critical of the workers states, although I don't find this as
relevant to the situation with Milosevic,and I can see beyond
something that is trivial to the matter at hand. I am 18 as well,
however this has nothing to do with anything. Am I sectarian? I
don't like the ISO one bit, nor Socialist Appeal, however I do not let
these facts cloud my mind. I make conscience decisions based on
the information I recieve. I am not in the least but sectarian, I am
willing to listen and willing to decide for myself, whether or not
something is fact or fiction, and to think Milosevics regime had any
semblance to a workers state, of any shade, or color, is fiction.
There is no need to bring up Trotsky or Stalin, unless to point out
how the Soviet Union was a Workers State, and how Serbia was

Cort Travis

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