Waiting to Ride the Second Wave...

Derrick O'Keefe sankara83 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 5 01:31:41 MST 2002

It is as if I am spitting on Guevera and
>Lenin here, instead of trying to reapply what is applicable to the current
>day situation. Of course historical materialism, productive forces, and
>objective conditions play no role in Marxist analysis: it is only because
>of "armchair revolutionaries" like myself, who takes his leather chair with
>him to tutor inner-city youths, and attend union/worker conventions, and
>teach-ins, and meetings to form a student rights bill on campus, that
>Stalinism failed

Nobody said you were an armchair revolutionary.  Perhaps my arguments
against your "second wave" theory were a bit much.  It's just that for all
the autobiograhpical info and sarcasm crammed into your sentences, it can
prove difficult to decipher your argument.

And although
>Castro has heroically held out from this, we must remember he was only a
>socialist out of convenience--and an aging man.

(Actually, we're all aging).  More importantly, what is your position on the
Cuban revolution?  Or on any of the revolutions since 1917?  Fidel did not
exactly take the convenient route to socialism.  The carrying out of the
July 26th movement's program, beginning with a land reform, brought on the
wrath of the United States.  The convenient thing to do would have been to
capitulate to imperialism, thus avoiding invasion, terrorist campaigns, an
embargo, and hundreds of assasination attempts.

Does your "first wave" theory conclude that socialism was until now (or some
future date?) impossible or futile to struggle for?  If it was impossible,
then it sure wasn't convenient.  I believe that Stalinism was a great
impediment to world revolution in its subordination of spreading revolution
to the Kremlin bureaucracy's "peaceful coexistence" and in its brutal crimes
that tarnished the image of socialism.

In Cuba, the PSP (Communist Party) went as far as to be part of Batista's
government prior to the revolution.  They felt that the objective conditions
for revolution were far away.  Fidel and the revolutionary movement had to
go around the official "socialists" in order to make the socialist

Anyway, we all look forward to waves of revolution in the imperialist
countries.  There remains, however, the minor detail of the world today.
Surely when George W. Bush has declared war on the world, it is important to
point out that the U.S.-orchestrated trial of Milosevic is an outrage.

Are you opposed to the trial or not?  Note: I am not asking if you are
opposed to Milosevic's former rule or not.  Further, do you feel it is
important to oppose the U.S. embargo and occupation of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,
or is this futile since in your opinion Fidel is just another, albeit
"aging", dictator?

The way you've articulated your "second wave" theory it seems as though
you'd like to rewrite the line "the history of all hitherto existing society
is the history of class struggles" to read "the history of all hitherto
existing society is irrelevant".

Derrick O'Keefe

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