Follow-up on Mohammad J. Alam

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Feb 5 07:21:11 MST 2002

As I mentioned yesterday, I just turned 57 and my short-term memory is not
what it used to be. I didn't realize that I had communicated with this
individual in the past offline. His father is a Pakistani math professor
who wrote an interesting article for Cockburn's Counterpunch website about
being harrassed after 9/11. Mohammad is an accomplished web artist who sent
me copies of his work, including an image of a rather heroic-looking Che
Guevara not more than 6 months ago. So in the span of less than a year, he
has "seen the light" on Cuba and presumably will no longer waste his
talents in producing that kind of iconography. He has also been a member of
2 different revolutionary organizations that he resigned over political
differences, also in the span of a year or so. This adds up to a rather
volatile picture and a rather sad one at that.

Louis Proyect
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