Victims and Victimizers [My own article]

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Tue Feb 5 14:25:20 MST 2002

For five decades, an entire people have been massacred, expelled, and
expropriated. Concurrently, they have been dehumanized, vilified, and
demonized, by our government and its guilty ally. The tragic result is that
the Palestinian victims have been falsely painted with the erroneous
of an Orwellian paintbrush as the victimizers. Meanwhile, the artist of
propaganda piece, Israel, hands soaked red with the blood of the innocent,
appears-without qualification-as the victim. Let us examine this conflict

Israel's birth in 1948 was predicated upon an astonishing 45% decrease of
native Arab land and an 800% increase for Jewish land, even though the
latter group constituted only a third of the total population. In fact, the
Jewish nationalists (called Zionists) had even begun expelling the
Palestinians through force and terror before the ensuing 1948 war. This is
consistent with their own pre-1948 documents, including the Koening report,
which stated: "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land
confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of
its Arab population". Their leader, Ben Gurion, announced: "I support
compulsory transfer.I don't see anything immoral in it." Thus, over 800,000
Palestinian villagers were forcibly expelled from their homes by violence
and terror. Hundreds more were massacred at Lydda, Ramla, and Deir Yassin.
We know this and much more thanks to Benny Morris and other recent Israeli
historians who have exposed the cruelties of Zionism.

While the Palestinians expelled in 1948 and their descendants continue to
rot away in languishing refugee camps, thousands more have fallen victim in
East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, and the West Bank, all illegally occupied by
Israeli terror in defiance of UN resolutions. Many settlers who live on
stolen land are violent extremists, poisoning Palestinian livestock and
water, beating their women, and attacking their shops-"Jewish terrorists",
according to Peres himself. But this is the natural result of a brutal and
inhuman Israeli campaign, summed up nicely by prestigious Israeli general,
Moshe Dayan in 1969: "We are the generation of colonizers, and without the
steel helmet and the gun barrel we cannot plant a tree and build a home."

The Palestinians are also prisoners in their homeland. Israeli bulldozers
raze their homes, making way for Jewish settlers who horde the water supply
and destroy native crops. The government builds roads for them, deemed
inaccessible to mere subhuman natives. IDF soldiers enforce humiliating
checkpoints, preventing pregnant mothers and sick children from reaching
nearby hospitals. They also enforce curfews and sanctions, creating 40-70%
unemployment for the occupied, whose children are born blind, deaf, or
anemic 40% of the time. Palestinians also suffer over five-fold the
casualties than the Israelis. Recently, some 150 Israeli reservists
this criminal barbarity, refusing to engage in "dominating, expelling,
starving and humiliating an entire people."

The so-called "peace process" has also been misrepresented. The main myth
about former Israeli PM Barak is that he offered the Palestinians "the sun
and the moon". Perhaps-but he did not offer them a viable state anywhere on
this planet. Ran HaCohen, an Israeli professor, points out that all Israeli
leaders have offered is a "state" without: contiguous borders, water
airspace, right of return for refugees, end to settlements or end to
military occupation. In other words, a prison cell with a sticker label.

We must emancipate ourselves from the shackles of misinformation and
mistruths in order to help emancipate the Palestinian people from the
of occupation and oppression. And we can begin by chipping away at the
propagandists' false paintings to expose the racism and hatred hidden
his canvas.

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