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    I think you made a big mistake to unsub Cort and Mohammad. The
self-righteousness of elders is far less justified than the
self-righteousness of youth. And the little personal note you added
afterward was merely petty and vengeful. A story, like the ones you tell: I
was mobilized to Cumaica, Matagalpa in 1985 as leader of a brigade from
INPESCA and a member of the Base Committee of a contingent consisting of
workers from INPESCA, MINT, MITRAB, MINVA, INAA and IRENA (I'll assume you
know what those were). One of the members of my contingent was a young
fisheries technician, 17 or 18 years old, just returned from Cuba. His eyes
were filled with the stars of the revolution, and his mouth, a bunch of
revolutionary slogans. Part of our role was to engage with the local rural
population, which was heavily influenced by one of the evangelical sects,
and integrate them into the process. That New Years eve, we planned on
slaughtering a cow and inviting the population to a feast and party. So, we
fanned out among the population to discuss their concerns and publicize the
event. Jonny Maradiaga -- the kid's name -- accompanied me. As I remember
it, the first person we encountered was an attractive young woman, and I
figured Jonny would make the case to her. So he told her about the party,
dancing, etc. She replied to the effect that her religious beliefs prevented
her from partying. But, to my great surprise, instead of trying to engage
her in a more "teenage" way, Jonny began spouting slogans. "Entre el
cristianismo y la revolucion, no hay contradiccion", was the first.
Logically, he didn't get anywhere, not in any size shape or form. By your
reasoning, Lou, I should have sent him home. But you see, he was the future
of the revolution, and he had to learn what was real and what was empty
rhetoric. And our role  was to set an example and guide him, not censure


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