Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Tue Feb 5 23:37:22 MST 2002

>>"Perhaps you will like to tell us who on this list ever said that Serbia
>>"is a real model for world socialism".

>Searching through the list and database I was unable to find out who said
>this exactly, but I am positive that someone said Serbia is a model for
>what we want united Europe to look like.

So you have come up with no evidence for this extravagant claim, but you
are nevertheless "positive".

You claim that the 'revolt' against Milosevic was "a progressive revolt
from below".  How strange then that the outcome, moreover the immediate
outcome, is so reactionary.  If it was "a progressive revolt form below" we
might have expected that at least part of the outcome would be progressive.
For instance, if it was a genuine workers' revolt, we might expect this
would make it *harder*, rather than easier, for the new regime to carry out
anti-working class dictates of the IMF.

The tradition you come from is right to emphasise the importance of
struggle from below.  Unfortunately, it often forgets the class character
of struggle and the ability of ruling classes to manufacture certain forms
of 'struggle' and pass them off as 'democratic' movements.  A less
superficial analysis, let alone cheerleading from afar, might have
suggested a more nuanced understanding of what was going on.

Philip Ferguson

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