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                Green Left Weekly,
             Australia's socialist newspaper
                     Issue #479
                  February 6, 2002
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Close the detention centres! Free all refugees!

As international outrage grows and protests in Australia attract
thousands, the Australian government is increasingly on the defensive
about the horrific impact of its refugee policy.


 * Close the detention centres!
 * Howard's war with refugees, by John Pilger


 * PHILIPPINES: Opposition to US troops grows


 * UNITED STATES: Socialists working the chinks in Goliath's armour
 * UNITED STATES: Black Power leader framed
 * BRITAIN: Labour steps up attacks on asylum seekers
 * ITALY: 100,000 march in solidarity with refugees
 * AFGHANISTAN: Washington approved Taliban escape
 * UNITED STATES: Police prepared to break-up WEF protests
 * PALESTINE: Toward submission or war?
 * UNITED STATES: Is the recession nearly over?
 * UNITED STATES: Corporate rip-offs
 * ARGENTINA: What caused the world's largest default?
 * ZIMBABWE: Democracy movement debates sanctions
 * ZIMBABWE: Socialists reject reliance on sanctions


 * Global solidarity with refugees
 * Refugee rights group formed
 * Resistance: `We must break the silence'
 * `Anti-terrorist' laws not justified
 * IWD actions to oppose war and racism
 * Aboriginal Tent Embassy anniversary
 * The left and union affiliation to the ALP


 * Melbourne's biggest refugee rights rally yet
 * 2000 march for refugees' freedom
 * Ruddock faces picket
 * Ruddock's taste of life behind the wire fence
 * Coalition, ALP refugee policy condemned.


 * A deeply flawed revolution
 * A web of solidarity with refugees
 * A sense of working-class Ireland
 * On the box


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