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Protecting the pipelines, implosion bombs, and spelling.

Taking the trivial issue first. Columbia , with a U, is a university
located in New York City. Colombia, with an O, is a country located in the
northwestern corner of South America. As far as I know the FARC is based in
the latter, not the former.

The idea of training troops to protect Colombia's oil pipelines is just an
excuse to get rid of the figleaf of the war on drugs which to some extent
restricts the ability of the Colombian government to openly use US aid
against the FARC and ELN (although they do use it, they just have to be a
little bit sneaky.)

However, what they invision is not static defense, but mobile rapid
deployment battalions. they would include more high tech spy planes to use
to detect FARC and ELN troop movements, helicopter gunships, and helicopter
born attack units. These are the basic tools that have already been used to
take away the tactical advantage that the FARC had gained about two years ago.

As for implosion bombs, they sound like a weapon for use against civilian
populations. I hope the FARC is not building them. The FARC is in a
military/political quandary, and needs to redirect its strategy towards
military and political targets NOT toward civilian targets.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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