US to protect oil in Colombia: Ha-HA!

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Feb 6 09:03:38 MST 2002

Mike, yes, quite possibly the US wishes to "help" (itself to) the Andean

Here are the beginning and concluding sentences from the Reuters report,
with another quote of some import [heh!] from the body of the article:
U.S. Seeks to Help Colombian Troops Defend Pipeline

By Jason Webb, REUTERS, Tuesday, 5 February 2002

BOGOTA - The United States wants to train and equip Colombian troops to
defend a key oil pipeline, a senior U.S. official said on Tuesday...

...Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Marc Grossman said the
administration would ask Congress for $98 million to strengthen a
Colombian army brigade to guard the 490-mile Cano Limon pipeline, whose
oil field is operated by U.S. firm Occidental Petroleum Corp. ...

The United States also wants to ensure oil supplies in the Andean region

-- its second largest source of oil imports outside the volatile Middle
East, officials said. [END]

We know the connections of the Bush Administration to petroleum power,
but some may remember the connections of the Al Gore family to
Occidental Petroleum Corp.  In our discussions with others that may be a
point to consider when the issue arises that things would be better with
the Democrats at the helm.  Goes deeper than that.  (I know you know
that, dear cdes., but let's not selfishly keep it to ourselves.)

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