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>From James Ridgeway's column in the current Village Voice

A survey of public records and private advocacy groups yields the following
financial portrait of the American recession:

Number of millionaires: 2.5 million

Number of billionaires: 298

Richest family: the Waltons

Size of their Walmart fortune: $85 billion

Second richest: Bill Gates, $63 billion

Annual take for Enron's Ken Lay: $49.8 million

Percentage of Americans without pensions: 53

Average percentage lost by a 401(k) last year: 10

Number of people without health care: 43 million

Highest-paid CEO: Michael Dell

His total annual compensation: $235.9 million

Dollar ratio of CEO pay to that of minimum-wage workers: 728:1

People filing for unemployment: 390,000

Number of people who go hungry every day:31 million (including 12 million

People spending more than half their income for housing: 5.4 million

Percentage of people who own their own homes: 68

Number of properties owned by Ken Lay: 18, valued at $30 million

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