Powell lashes out at Venezuelan revolution [Perez]

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Wed Feb 6 11:49:57 MST 2002

Bolivia and bolivarianismo are different but they are both named after
Simón Bolívar (1783-1830), The Liberator of South America from imperial
Spain.  Bolívar was born in Caracas, Venezuela. After liberation the
regions of what are now the countries of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador
formed the Republic of Colombia. Bolívar helped liberate Peru and
achieve independence for the part of Peru that is now Bolivia.  He
wanted a united Spanish America but even before he died competetive
factions created splits and enmities.
Today, bolivarianismo takes up the cause of an independent, united
Spanish America, with apparently some adherents to the cause in every
Spanish-speaking country in South America.
It's worth taking a quick look at an encyclopedic entry for Simón
Bolívar if one is curious about the subject. Of course, there are whole
courses of literature on the subjects associated.

It may be a tired truism but most of those who resist imperialism by and
large tend to reside outside the imperial centers... (e.g., Palestine,
peasant villages in Colombia, etc.). They have a common struggle.  I say
"most" and I should say "we"...

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