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Wed Feb 6 12:30:50 MST 2002

> >> They can sometimes --  these particular
> non-Indian radicals -- be as
> arrogantly and maddeningly and callously
> ethnocentric as a Christian
> jack-leg preacher on the edges of Gallup. He -- the
> preacher man -- knows
> we exist.  He just wants us in his corral and he
> wants us to be just like
> him.
> Here, from an e-mail discussion list [with which I
> don't happen to be
> affiliated] is an older Anglo socialist -- from an
> Eastern city --
> recently worrying about  " . . .people who wallow in
> politics of identity,
> particularly national identity. Some of those people
> are among us and need
> to be made aware of danger of stressing tribal,
> pagan, new age identity
> stuff and its incompatibility with rational
> modernist politics of
> democratic socialism. "<<
> Well, John Salter, I don't know whether you are
> aware of it or not; but,
> you happen to be posting to a Marxist list. It just
> so happens that
> Marxists are rationalists, materialists, and
> internationalists. And it
> also happens that mysticism of any sort in this day
> and age ulitmately
> ends up serving the forces of reaction. The choices
> have been clearly
> posed: socialism or barbarism. Every Marxist worth
> his salt knows this.
> (You may wish to try re-reading Georg Lukacs' _The
> Destruction of Reason_
> to understand the connection between fascism and
> mysticism.)
> Marxist quite specifically reject all the ancient
> bunk: the parochialism
> of clan and tribe, irredentist politics of
> land-based identity. the
> absolutism of archetypes (First Man/ First Woman)
> and of Sacred Time and
> of the closed circle of the hoop of the nation,
> ethnocentrism of calling
> your own nation "the People" (as you have said of
> the Dine), the moralism
> of elder authoritarianims -- the list goes on, John.
> And denouncing us as "arrogant" doesn't help your
> cause. Especially since
> you're an arrogant little prick yourself.
> I notice you were awefully quiet during Joan
> Cameron's tenure here -
> despite your claim, "I fight for my beliefs". What's
> the matter, Buddy,
> afraid of a little cumshuwa?
> So, just explain to us. On what basis are you making
> acceptance of tribal
> spirituality into an acid test of Marxism?

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