Very minor clarification

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Wed Feb 6 13:40:05 MST 2002

I agree very much with the Moderator's Note on the obvious futility of
attempting to respond in any general or specific fashion to the "mckinnon"
geyser-of-displeasure.  And, unless we're discussing direct physical combat
and those kind of things, I  really don't think one's physical size has any

But, as a minor point of fact, I probably haven't been called "an arrogant
little prick" since I was twelve or thirteen at the most.  At this point in
my structural development, I'm 6'  and not overly heavy, and wear Size 15
Vasque mountain boots.  My family would certainly agree, however, that undue
modesty has never been one of my problems.

As Ever  Hunter [Hunterbear]

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear] (social justice)

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