News not fit to print -- armed feds shut down teenager's website

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at
Wed Feb 6 14:46:06 MST 2002

"Here you adapt the classic stance of blaming the victim.  Worse you become
almost a cheer leader for the FBI.  No one, absolutely no one "asks" [i.e.
deserves] for them."

There is a fine line between glorifying the victim and realistically
assessing the situation. My point is to advise against this
anarchist-leaning obsessive fear of the state. The whole reason for
pointing out the FBI shutdown is presumably to show there is may be a
dangerous precedent. But this is not necessarily true. At least ostensibly,
he was being arrested for specific crimes, though I have no doubt the FBI
felt good screwing over a radical.

But again, to reiterate my main point: the kid definitely was doing illegal
things. You cannot place instructions on how to blow people up with various
bombs and ninja instruments, and expect to cry foul when you get caught. It
just reminds me of the anarchist sympathy ride; "oh man we are being so
oppressed by the state and the fuckin' police, dude". Well yeah, "dude"
that is what happens with direct action tactics and an elitist mentality
pouring out of mouths of all anarchists out of WEF: the march "failed"
because the mere masses were marching instead of smashing Starbucks.

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