NZ libertarian communist on Negri

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Wed Feb 6 17:10:46 MST 2002

This was written by a friend of mine who is a libertarian communist and
sympathetic to aspects of autonomism (esp Harry Cleaver).  He has been
debating Negri enthusiasts on an autonomist list:

Scott Hamilton:
A more recent example of such obfuscation is, in my
opinion, Toni Negri, the feted guru of the left who is
afraid to talk about post-S 11 events in any detail
because they refute his thesis of the end of
imperialism, is afraid to talk about the World Social
Forum he just attended in any detail, because doing so
would confirm the claim that the political practice he
now sponsors is basically liberal, and is afraid to
discuss Argentina, because it shows that his
'multitude' is nothing but a Popular Front rapidly
being superseded by the working class United Front it
was supposed to have replaced.

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