Latin America and Revolution

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at
Wed Feb 6 19:19:44 MST 2002

What a pompous title from a guy who didn't even know about the Venezualan
situation--never mind that it was not in Bolivia!

But seriously, can someone point to some websites and information centers
where I can educate myself on the various organizations: ELZ, EZLN,
Zapatista, FARC, etc.? Is there any kind of coordinated front network for
any of these movements, or any linking up between Argentina and Venezuela?

It seems that Chavez's hesitation will place him squarely in a long line of
coffins constructed for Latin American leftists by the CIA and their
dictator-imperialist stooges. Are the masses energetic and radicalized,
prepared to fight this, or is the general consensus that they will sit back
and do nothing for a while? Is it true there are local committees and
assemblies forming in Argentina?

Also, I would like eventually like to get off this planet Mars, ie.
America, (where class-consciousness is as present as aliens on Mars) and
help out directly with some of these revolutionary situations in a few
years. What language should I take at college: Spanish, or Portugese, or
something else?

Help's appreciated.

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