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On Wed, 6 Feb 2002 21:19:44 -0500, Mohammad J Alam wrote:
>But seriously, can someone point to some
>websites and information centers where I can
>educate myself on the various organizations:
>ELZ, EZLN, Zapatista, FARC, etc.? Is there any
>kind of coordinated front network for any of
>these movements, or any linking up between
>Argentina and Venezuela?

I am not sure how many listers visit's links, but I
have tried to maintain a very comprehensive resource based on various
categories, including Latin America.

Go to: and select "Latin
America". There you will find the following links:

1) Canada Cuba Tours

2) David Bacon's website: photojournalist specializing in exposing
class injustice in Mexico and other third world countries.

3) Castro speech database -- U. of Texas archives going back to the
1950s, with powerful search engine.

4) Hugo Chavez website.

5) Che Guevara -- Che Guevara website.

6) Center for Cuba Studies -- Administered by long-time activist
Sandra Levinson.

7) Colombia Action Network -- The Colombia Action Network was formed
recently to oppose US intervention. CISPES and other principled peace
activists are involved.

8) Colombia Support Network -- Organization with emphasis on human
rights rather than support for the guerrillas.

9) Cuba: Frequently Asked Questions -- Answers lies about the Cuban

10) Cuba Issues and Answers.

11) Information Office of Cuban Interests Section in the USA.

12) Cubaweb -- Official Cuban government website.

13) AfroCubaWeb -- Afro-Cuban art and culture.

Council on Hemispheric Affairs: liberal think-tank

14) The Democracy Center -- Supports leftwing NGO's, particularly in
Latin America.

15) EZLN -- EZLN web page, mostly in Spanish.

16) Mexico Solidarity Network: coalition of 80 progressive groups in
Mexico and the USA.

17) Resource Center -- Resource Center of the Americas, news and
analysis of connections between Latin America, Caribbean and the US.

18) WOLA -- Washington Office on Latin America.

19) Carl Webb's Revolutionary Peru Web Page.

20) Zapatistas -- U. of Texas website for the Chiapas rebellion.

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