Reaction to "Black Hawk Down " in Somalia

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Wed Feb 6 23:02:14 MST 2002

>>In Mogadishu, Somalia, where pirated copies of "Black Hawk Down"
appeared two weeks after it showed in NYC<<

I wouldn't take the claim that "pirated" copies took two weeks to hit the
streets too literally.

Nowadays, movies are up on FTP servers a day or so after they open, and
often well before... by the time Sunday night rolls around, there's a slew
of people sharing them on the FastTrack (KaZaA, Morpheus) and Gnutella
(LimeWire, BearShare) networks.

And very often they're rips from Chinese VCD's, which take a few days to
make it from Taiwan to China and then back via DHL to MIT or Harvard or
Berkeley or Caltech or Georgia Tech where the FTP sites live.

If anyone thought there was a good market, the Video CD set would have been
on the streets of Mogadishu two weeks before the official release.

Just because the copyright cartel-owned  media pretends it isn't their own
plants and employees who are putting out this stuff doesn't mean the rest of
us have to pretend also.


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