News not fit to print -- armed feds shut down teenager's website

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at
Wed Feb 6 23:32:41 MST 2002

"I'm sure I'm not the only parent on this list, not the only one to feel
when I think about mothers and fathers just like us putting a child in a
grave because CITIBANK'S EBITDA might have slipped a hundreth's of a
if that child, and every other child like her, had had enough to eat and
clean water instead of sewage to drink."

This is only one component of what in your letter seems to be a kind
of..rant. Suffice to say you and I place different emphasis on what raw
rage, poor tactics, anarchist opinion, and open invitation to FBI thuggery,
are all about. Honestly, I don't think he was thinking of *any* of this
shit at all. He is an anarchist interested in explosives. My experience
with people like this is that many things, usually personal and social but
not political, motivate them in this direction. Hell, I know one guy who
wants to parachute into Palestine, pick up an AK-47, and do some damage.
But personally, I have little sympathy for this kind of nonsense. I think
you are relating a whole bunch of social issues that have nothing to do
with him specifically, and have much to do with your own [valid]
frustration, in his defense.

>From your account his posting of that weapons info is not illegal. Point
taken. Still doesn't make me flourish with pride at this supposed heroic

"And if for a moment I thought I could help in the SLIGHTEST to put an end
such crimes by blowing some building up or breaking a McDonald's plate
window, I would do it. I'm not about to do it, because I know it's going to
backfire more than anything, hurt more than help, but that is how I feel
about it."

And it is also clear you have a very strong emotional sympathy for his
anarchist tactics. I do not. I know all about the anarchist fetish for
rioting and mayhem and the most voyeuristic fantasies possible. I think
this elitist mentality is a ridiculous insult to the masses worldwide from
impoverishment and hunger, which can only be set back tremendously if such
lunacy becomes widespread at events aimed at protesting the crimes of

"And that's all Sherman's posts and website amounted to, an expression of
rage, totally legitimate, totally justifiable, totally righteous rage. Not
CRIME, but an ANTI-CRIME. A cry of rage against a criminal system. And
that's why they've victimized him."

As far as the scale of victimization goes, which is what this is all about,
I wouldn't be so readily prepared to proclaim him Christ. No one denies the
criminality of the system. The question here is, given that he obviously
was aware of the criminality, he knew there was a risk of getting called
out on it; he took that risk and he paid the consequences. This is not a
matter of a Palestinian militant smuggling arms from one checkpoint to
another and getting tortured and killed. This is about an 18 year-old
anarchist who got caught out.

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