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You are invited to participate in an antiwar demonstration in San Francisco
on Sat. Feb. 23rd. This demonstration is being organized by a broad
spectrum of antiwar coalitions and organizations (including American
Muslims for Global Peace and Justice, Labor 4 Peace, Filipinos for Justice,
not War, U.S.-Japan No War Network, Global Exchange, Town Hall Committee
Against War and Hate, International Action Center, Marin Peace and Justice
Center, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, and many others) under the
umbrella of the Bay Area Antiwar Coalition.

The three themes of the demonstration are:

Stop the War!

Stop racist scapegoating of Arabs, Muslims, and immigrants!; and Defend
civil liberties!

The demonstration will begin at 11 a.m. at Dolores Park and march to
Potrero del Sol Park (near General Hospital in S.F.) The demonstration
calls for government funding for human needs and social services (such as
health care) instead of war.

A few of the confirmed speakers for this event so far are: Tillie Olsen
(Author), Yuri Kochyama (activist), Walter Johnson (S.F. Labor Council,
AFL-CIO), Devorah Major (poet), Shahi Sadat(poet).

Please help spread the word!

Louis Proyect
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