Latin America and Revolution

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Thu Feb 7 06:35:19 MST 2002

>>Also, I would like eventually like to get off this planet Mars, ie.
America, (where class-consciousness is as present as aliens on Mars) and
help out directly with some of these revolutionary situations in a few
years. What language should I take at college: Spanish, or Portugese, or
something else?<<

The MAIN problem with the Latin American revolution isn't in Latin America.
The problem is here. In the USA. The biggest contribution anyone could make
to the revolution in the Americas is getting the Americans off their backs.
It's that simple.

In addition, in your specific case --to be brutally frank-- what
"contribution" one more zany trotskyoid sectarian might make to the forging
of the proletarian vanguard of, say, Parador is open to question. You may be
quite deft and ultraleft by American standards, but you can't hope to hold a
candle to the Posadistas' antics in Cuba, or the Morenistas in Nicaragua.
Trotskyism has been quite thoroughly discredited throughout Latin America by
its own native-born adherents. I don't think there's much more to be done in
that regard -- if anything, it has been overdone.


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