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Hola Camaradas:

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> I am not sure how many listers visit's links, but I
> have tried to maintain a very comprehensive resource based on various
> categories, including Latin America.

> 15) EZLN -- EZLN web page, mostly in Spanish.
> 16) Mexico Solidarity Network: coalition of 80 progressive groups in
> Mexico and the USA.

That's a pretty good selection, but I would add the following:

Frente Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional ( the EZLN's sociedad civil group)

The EZLN web page itself has good link web page:

Of course, there ARE other web pages to other guerrilla groups in Mexico
such as EPR and ERPI:

There are other guerrillero groups based in certain regions or states, but
EPR is the other one with net presence.

That's it.

Por El Socialismo,

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