Latin America and Revolution

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Thu Feb 7 09:53:01 MST 2002

Mohammed writes:

Also, I would like eventually like to get off this planet Mars, ie.
America, (where class-consciousness is as present as aliens on Mars) and
help out directly with some of these revolutionary situations in a few
years. What language should I take at college: Spanish, or Portugese, or
something else?

Response: Amazing, all over America, no class consciousness anywhere eh?
Really? And on the basis on what concrete investigation and praxis do you
make that conclusion? And if it were true, is the answer to go where there
is supposed "class consciousness" ready made or as you define it, or, to
stay and fight and help to develop it where it is lacking? And are you going
to just drop-in on some revolutionary situation in Latin America and say Hi,
I'm a revolutionary messiah and I'm here ready to go--I have even learned
some of your language and I don't want to stay where I came from because
those people are backward and lacking in class consciousness.

And how will any real revolutionaries, who must be security conscious and
very suspicious of those they do not know (as we Blackfoot are) if they have
been in any real revolutionary activities, regard your dropping in to join
up? What will you offer? A scrap book or "portfolio" of "vanguardist"
polemics and "advanced/correct theory" on various lists?

Some people might not be so happy about your looking for the "right
revolution" and "right consciousness" possibly--perhaps appearing --for your
own self-gratification/glorification.

Jim Craven

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