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The Peace Camp Is Back - N.B.: THIS WEEK Feb.9 in Tel-Aviv

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'The Occupation Is Killing All Of Us' - Jewish-Arab Peace Rally, Tel-Aviv
THIS Saturday night, Feb. 9, 7.30 Museum Plaza, - 'Stop Escalation Now!'
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[Let there be no confusion: OUR rally, The Occupation Kills All Of Us takes
place T H I S Saturday night, at 7.00, Museum Square, Tel-Aviv, and if we
have inspired Peace Now to try to do better the following week, that's fine
with us; we will not hinder them - on the contrary. But... let's set them a
high standard by showing up in big numbers T H I S  S A T U R D A Y. You
will be part of giving a clear message against occupation and brutal
behavior, and in favor of a just peace between equals - the stronger we
will be the more confident the peace camp as a whole will become.

What follows is the text of our press release - there were already quite
some reactions - and once more: the most updated bus schedule. Tomorrow's
ad in Ha'aretz will include a full list of speakers and sponsoring
organizations - and we will send you that still.]

"The Peace Camp is going back into the streets" say the representatives of
Israeli peace and protest movements which intend to hold a joint rally
against the occupation and against the Sharon Government on the evening of
Saturday, February 9, under the slogan "The Occupation Is Killing All Of Us".

In recent weeks, increasing parts of the Israeli public begin to see
through the illusions and lies to with which they are constantly exposed
since the outbreak of the present Palestinian uprising. This is expressed
in the burgeoning movement of soldiers' refusal to serve in the Occupied
Territories, in increasing participation at protests and peace actions, and
in a more critical attitude taken by the mainstream Israeli media and even
by some members of the political and military establishment.

"We intend to express and strengthen these tendencies through a rally which
will take place on Saturday, February 9, at 7.30 PM, at the plaza in front
of the Tel- Aviv Museum of Art, on Sderot Saul Ha'melech, Tel-Aviv. We
expect the participation of many thousands, from all over the country" say
the organizers.

Among the initiating organizations are Gush Shalom, Women's Coalition for
Peace, Ta'ayush (Arab-Jewish Partnership), The Israeli Committee Against
House Demolitions, The Monitoring Committee which unites the leaders of
Israel's Arab citizens, Yesh Gvul, the Jewish-Arrab community Neve Shalom,
groups of students and lecturers at the T-A, Haifa, J'lem and Be'er Sheva
universities, The Assoc. of Arab Students, Kvisa Sh'chora (Gays and
Lesbians Against the Occupation) , The Druze Initiative Committee and many
others. Several youth movements take part, among them the Meretz Youth (who
decided to take part though their mother party does not), the Communist
Youth, Hadash Youth and Balad Youth. More groups, organizations and
individuals join the initiative daily, such as "A Different Voice in
Galilee" - a joint association of Jews from the Misgav Region and Arabs
from the neighbouring towns of Sakhnin and Arabeh, an area which was the
scene of lethal confrontations in October 2000; Jewish and Arab members of
the group intend to jointly charter a bus in order to attend the Saturday
night rally. In general, the rally is intended to be a joint Jewish-Arab
affair, as regards organizers, speakers and grassroots participants alike.
This is an expression of the organizers' firm opposition to those who seek
to exclude Israel's Arab citizens from participation in the country's
democratic process.

The rally will begin with a moment of silence in memory of all victims of
the past year and half. Participants will hold aloft hundreds of black
flags - both as a sign of mourning and in reminder of the Supreme Court's
1958 verdict which stated that "On certain orders the black flag of
manifest illegality flies... A soldier has not only the right but also the
duty to disobey such orders".

The rally is intended, among other things, to remind the public that orders
of this kind are at present daily given to soldiers in the Occupied
Territories - orders to destroy homes, defoliate fields, deny urgent
medical treatment and commit extra-legal executions ("targeted killings").

Among the speakers will be former Education Minister Shulamit Aloni,
Veteran activist Uri Avnery, Monitoring Committee Head Shauki Hatib,
Writers Sami Michael and Ronit Matalon, Aysha Sidawi who took part in
organizing the meeting of 300 Israelis with Arafat last Saturday, Prof.
Yehuda Shenhav of Tel-Aviv University, as well as psychologist Nabila
Espanyoli and peace and human rights activist Jamal Zahalka, both of
Nazareth. The moderator will be Yehudith Har'el, peace activist and
organizational psychologist by profession. Also among the speakers will be
Yishai Rosen- Tzvi, a signatory of the recent letter by reserve soldiers
and officers refusing service in the Occupied Territories, and who himself
last year served time in military prison for such a refusal; Noah Levy, a
high- school pupil and member of a group of youths who declared their
refusal to undergo military service; and Yishai Menuchin, one of the first
reservists to refuse service at Lebanon in 1982. "We consider refusal to
serve in the Occupied Territories as a legitimate act by conscientious
citizens, who refuse to collaborate with the occupation and the brutal
oppression of the Palestinian people's aspiration to be free. This
oppression includes the perpetration of many manifestly illegal acts on
which the black flag flies, such a the ongoing 'liquidation' of
Palestinians which brings upon the Israeli population waves of retaliatory
suicide bombings" say the organizers.

We suggest that you interview one or more of the scheduled speakers:
Shulamit Aloni 09-9501545; Uri Avnery 050-306440; Sami Michael 04- 8263361
or 064-217546; Ronit Matalon 03-6859046 or 053-600183; Shauki Hatib
050-237472 or 04-9864710; Prof. Yehudah Shenhav 03-6046062 or 051-375255;
Jamal Zahalka 04-884962 or 054-884962; Yishai Rosen-Tzvi 03- 5324672;
Nabila Espanyoli 050-581709; Noah Levy 054-987253; Yishai Menuchin
054-860050 or 02-6723597 extension 202; Aysha Sidawi 06-4631097; Yehudith
Har'el 056-263145.

For further general info call Dr. Anat Biletzki 03-6818392 or 054-852840;
Guy Tatsa 03-5290572; Ya'akov Manor 09-7670801; Adam Keller 03-5565804 or
056-709603; Amira Gelblum 03-6135957; Beate Zilversmidt 056-709604; Keren
Asaf 064-465650; Ofer Lior 053-465650.

Buses & routes:
Acre: 16:00 from the Acre-Haifa sherut station at Egged.

Carmiel: 15:15 from the parking lot of the Central Bus Station (Egged);
then Sakhnin: 15:45 from the gas station at the western entrance to town;
then Misgav: 16:00 from the parking lot of the Misgav Mo'etza Eyzorit.

Haifa: 16:30 from Solel Boneh (Khouri St., corner Nevi'im St.); then 16:45
from Merkaz Horev; then Hadera: 17:30 from the Givat Olga gas station on
Kvish HaHof.

Nazareth: 15:30 opposite Beit HaYedidut on Paul VI Street; then Afula:
16:00 at Heikhal HaTarbut; then Meggido: 16:15 at the Megiddo Junction. Umm
al-Fahem: 16:30 from the bus stop on Wadi Ara near the entrance to Umm
al-Fahem; then Kufr Kar'a 16:45 from the gas station on Wadi Ara near the
entrance to Kufr Kar'a.

Kfar Saba: 17:45 at the bus stop on Weizman St. opposite the Canyon Arim;
then Ra'anana: 18:00 at the entrance to the Egged parking lot at the Canyon
HaTzomet, at Tzomet Ra'anana; then 18:15 at the Mashbir in Ra'anana.

Taibe: 17:30 at Kupat Holim Merkaz; then Tira: 17:45 outside the
Municipality; then Jeljulia: 18:00 at the entrance to town. Jerusalem #1:
17:45 Gan HaPa'amon parking lot (Liberty Bell Park). Jerusalem #2 (for
shomrei Shabbat): 18:15 sharp -- Gan HaPa'amon parking lot (Liberty Bell

[For questions about buses: Gila (053) 334-986]

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