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In response to my off-the-cuff statement about lack of class-consciousness
mentality in America, Craven constructs another [excuse for a] polemic as

" And are you going to just drop-in on some revolutionary situation in
Latin America and say Hi, I'm a revolutionary messiah and I'm here ready to
go--I have even learned some of your language and I don't want to stay
where I came from because those people are backward and lacking in class

And how will any real revolutionaries, who must be security conscious and
very suspicious of those they do not know (as we Blackfoot are) if they
been in any real revolutionary activities, regard your dropping in to join
up? What will you offer? A scrap book or "portfolio" of "vanguardist"
polemics and "advanced/correct theory" on various lists?"

I don't know anything about any advancing of vanguardism or
messiah-mongering on my end, but what I do know is that I want to be part
of any revolutionary processes in the world in two ways: contribute my
knowledge, and contribute my raw energy that is ready to absorb knowledge,
which people already on the ground--whereever it is--will undoubtedly have.
Just remind me not to drop in wherever you happen to be.
Mohammed writes:

I don't know why you throw around the word "concrete conditions"

Let me give some examples of concrete work on concrete conditions. Among
Blackfoot activists the following types of actions are done:
a) friends in sensitive positions in governments are recruited to gather and
supply sensitive documents revealing such things as secret deals between
corrupt Tribal Councils and governments to place secret toxic waste sites on
b) Corrupt Tribal Officials are followed and videotaped squandering Tribal
funds, holding secret meetings with other corrupt Tribal/government
c) stores "serving" Indians are examed for prices and product qualities to
show systematic practices of grossly inflated prices of grossly inferior
products (e.g. rotten meats and other perishables sold beyond expiration
d) pedophiles coming into or around Reserves looking to exploit children are
intercepted and given "lessons" and warnings of what will happen to them if
they are ever seen near Blackfoot children again; their names are taken,
photos taken and some--in "high" places--are exposed;
e) surveys of land/resrouces bases--historical and present-day--are made
with detailed numbers on land-tenure and land acquisitions by government and
f) linking-up with other Indigenous Nations and non-Indigenous organizations
(progressive unions, and activists) to plan united fronts and common actions
against common enemies;
g) purloined sensitive documents (FBI, RCMP, BIA, DIA) are read on Blackfoot
radio and other media for maximum exposure of hidden issues and crimes;
h) Desperately poor families, perhaps families of murdered activists (e.g.
Norma Guillam at Browning and others) or families that have suffered loss of
income earners are supported through donations--often from those equally
poor and murders of activists are investigated through non-official
i) Blackfoot language, culture and traditions are taught to the young and
old and attempts at forced assimilation are exposed and countered;
j) economic entities attempting to do business with sell-out Tribal Councils
are contacted and secret deals exposed;
k) intensive research on international and domestic laws, Constitutions etc
looking for means and examples of violations of laws to use in mass work and
to use for legal and extra-legal challenges;
l) intensive and patient work to isolate enemies, protect friends and
win-over wavering or ill-informed elements of the Blackfoot and other groups
and individuals;
m) working side-by-side with those in need, doing real and needed labor, and
not just dropping in to deliver the "mass line" while others work and
n) demonstrations and stands in Courts (with no lawyers), refusal to
register as "Status" Indians, refusal to cooperate with governments, refusal
to be bought off, refusal to be intimidated by Tribal Council reprisals,
conducting Tribunals and inquiries and publishing results in media that
"mainstream" will never touch;
o) Going to court and vigorously opposing forced adoptions and forced
assimilation of Indian children;
p) exposing, through thorough research and real witnesses, past and
present-day sterilizations, use of Indian children and adults for medical
experimentation, torture, rape, sexual/physical abuse, murder etc;
q) linking-up with international organizations and other forces throughout
the world to share common concerns and form support networks, data sharing
and united fronts against capitalism, imperialism, fascism etc;

These are but some examples of concrete work on concrete conditions and

Jim Craven

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